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We provide quality English editing. Our staff has 20+ years of publishing experience in English language journals, including JPO, JGR, and GRL. Our basic (light) editing service for manuscripts starts at $0.08/word (for one round of editing). After that, we may recommend another round of editing, in which case the cost goes up by $0.04/word. It is up to you, the client, to decide how many rounds of editing you want us to perform. Other types of editing are available at $80/hr, such as your replies to reviewers' comments. Please email us two files: a word file (of text and captions only) and a pdf file that includes everything. We will finish editing one manuscript within five days, if the total word count is less than 5,000. For a longer article, add one day per thousand words. For a better layout of this page, go to Updated: 1 Nov 2014

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